Semi-Auto Closed Cycle Cryogenic Probe Station

The Models CPS-XXX-CF-PLUS enables fast and cost-effective testing of wafers and devices at cryogenic temperatures down to 9K (single CCR system), 4.5K (dual CCR system) or even below 4K (triple CCR system).

We offer systems for testing 100mm, 150mm, 200mm or 300mm wafers with optional load lock capabilities. The systems can be configured with individual probe arms (optionally with wedge probes) or with probe card holders. High density probing with >100 of DC probes is possible. Such systems are ideal for emerging field of quantum computing as well as established fields of superconducting electronics.


  • Probe arms with external manual micromanipulator adjustment.
  • Multiple CCR options.
  • Standard configuration includes 7:1X zoom tube for better than 4 μm resolution. 12.5:1 and 16:1 zoom lenses are also available.
  • Efficient vibration isolation from vacuum pump vibrations.
  • Optional passible and/or active magnetic shielding.