Speciality Probes

MicroXact Magnetic Probe Station
Magnetic Probe Station

The MPS-C-300 and MPS-C-350 systems are the world’s first probe stations capable of immersing a full size wafer in a fully controllable three-dimensional magnetic field.

MicroXact Semi-Automated Vacuum Probe Systems
Semi-Automated Vacuum Probe Systems

The Models SPS-2600-PLUS-VAC and 2800-PLUS-VAC offer precise, cost-efficient and convenient probing in vacuum or in controlled gas atmosphere.

MicroXact Cryogenic Probe Stations with Closed Cycle Refrigerator
Cryogenic Probe Stations with Closed Cycle Refrigerator

The Model CPS-200-CF enables cost effective, stable, reliable and convenient cryogenic testing of devices and circuits at very low temperatures.

MicroXact Cryomagnetic Probe Stations
Cryomagnetic Probe Stations

MicroXact’s cryomagnetic probe stations are available with electromagnets, superconducting magnets or combination of electromagnet and superconducting magnet.

MicroXact Customized Wafer Probe Station
Customized Wafer Probe Station

MicroXact has a history of working with customers to develop application-specific and highly customized probing solutions to meet ever-evolving needs. We are dedicated to finding solutions that help lower your cost of testing.

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