High Temperature Probe Station

The Models CPS-HT are MicroXact’s high temperature probe systems for testing and characterization of devices at highest temperatures on the market either in vacuum or in controlled gas environment. We offer manual wafer probers for testing up to 2” x 2” (50mm x 50mm) samples, and motorized or semi-automated systems for testing 100mm or larger wafers. These systems are capable of testing the samples up to 700oC in vacuum or 650oC at atmospheric pressure.


  • Probe arms with external manual micromanipulator adjustment.
  • Available with air or liquid nitrogen-cooled thermal chucks.
  • Standard configuration includes 7:1X zoom tube for better than 4 μm resolution. 12.5:1 and 16:1 zoom lenses are also available.
  • Efficient vibration isolation from vacuum pump vibrations.
  • Fast heating and cooling times.