Cryogenic Probe Stations with Closed Cycle Refrigerator

The Cryogenic Probe Station Model CPS-XXX-CF enables cost effective, stable, reliable and convenient low temperature semiconductor testing and even cryogenic wafer-scale testing of devices and circuits. Built-in vibration isolation, smart thermal management and engineered thermal expansion compensation makes this cryogenic probe station system ideally suited for a wide range of applications spanning from nanoelectronics (graphene research, molecular electronics, quantum computing, etc.) to space based electronics. The cryogenic probe station system uses closed-cycle refrigerator and proprietary thermal management, permitting inexpensive and fast operation. MicroXact’s cryogenic probe stations have built-in vibration isolation, minimizing the vibrations to industry-standard levels. Ultra-stable micro-manipulated stages permit accurate and reproducible contact of the probe tip on device features. Wide selection of probes and wafer chucks permits applications ranging from ultraprecise, fA-scale measurements, RF measurements and many more. A range of probe manipulators and probe tips are available for use with MicroXact’s cryogenic probe stations.

Cryogenic Probe Station Features

  • Cost-competitive, stable, reliable and convenient-to-use.
  • Cryogenic wafer-scale testing and low temperature semiconductor testing.
  • Temperature range from 4K to 480K (0.1K or better accuracy). Different ranges are available if fitted with different CCRs.
  • Closed cycle refrigerator for cost effective cryogen-free operations.
  • Cryogenic Device Characterization of up to 1”, 2”, 4”, 6” or 8” diameter wafers (depending on the model).
  • DC to over 67GHz measurements with single CCR solution, >110GHz testing with dual CCR solution.
  • 4 micro-manipulated probe arms (up to 8 available in optional configurations), with highly accurate XYZ and optionally θ (for RF and wedge DC probes) adjustment.
  • Thermally anchored probe tips.
  • Optional 1st stage-cooled radiation shutter and 1st stage-cooled sapphire viewport.
  • Temperature-controlled radiation shield.
  • Clear view top window (high purity quartz is available as an option).
  • High frequency vibration damping.
  • High level of customization to accommodate most exotic probing needs.

Cryogenic Probe Station Specifications

  • Sample Size: Up to 25, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm or 200mm.
  • Cryogen-free closed cycle refrigerator(s) including cold head, compressor, chiller and required helium hoses.
  • Temperature range: standard 10K to 400K, 4.2K to 480K available as option.
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1K or better.
  • Thermally anchored probe arms and radiation shield.
  • Temperature controlled chuck.
  • Temperature monitoring of the chuck and probe arm. Temperature monitoring of radiation shield and cryohead is optional.
  • Vacuum base pressure (when CCR is off) 1.0x10-5 torr standard, down to sub-10-6 torr optional (pressure down to low 10-8 torr are achievable when CCR is on). UHV version is available as well.
  • Additional viewports can be added by customer request.
  • Window materials: fused silica, custom materials and coatins are available.
  • Microscope: various options are available.
  • Cameras: digital cameras ranging from 1 megapixel to 10 megapixels. Software for image and video capture as well as dimension measurement capability included with the camera.