In-Line Thin Film Manufacturing Diagnostics Tool

The In-Line Thin Film Manufacturing Diagnostics Tool is capable of characterizing the correlation of thin film manufacturing line to a known good sample in real time, for both defect detection and process control.


  • Entire surface of web is inspected
  • Able to detect thickness defects and small deviations of layer parameters from design goals, permitting tight process control
  • Does not require large dedicated section of the manufacturing line for flexible PV lines, can be applied in pretty much any spot of the line where customer would want it
  • Does not require dedicated, vibration insulating setup, can be used anywhere
  • Allows for sufficiently fast online diagnostics and feedback for control of process
  • Expected pay-back time of ~ 1 year after the installation


  • Wavelength Max:Min Ratio


  • Wavelength Range

    Anywhere Between UV and NIR

  • Spatial Bands

    240 Per Module

  • Spatial Resolution


  • Spectral Sampling Interval

    1/80th of Difference of Max and Min Wavelengths

  • Spectral Resolution

    <1% of Wavelength

  • Max Line Speed

    10 m/min

  • Power Requirements

    100V-240V, 400W Max Per Module