IR Seebeck Characterization Systems

The IR Seebeck Characterization Systems are capable of measuring the Seebeck coefficient and electrical resistivity of a wide range of samples. Common Seebeck characterization devices available from other companies are restricted to bridge-type in-plane samples or other limited geometries. MicroXact’s system allows you to measure cross-plane through thin-films and across complex 3D structures as well as characterizing the voltage response to an applied current. By measuring the cross-plane value of thin-film thermoelectrics, this system gives you the unique capability of measuring the thermoelectric material in the same configuration that it would be used in a device. These unique systems can be designed to be capable of measuring over extremely wide temperature ranges from below 4K to over 800K.


  • Infrared heating of sample
  • Same motion control and automation capabilities as the SPS-2800
  • Contact and non-contact temperature measurement capabilities
  • High vacuum capable
  • Systems can be designed to operate from slightly below 4K to over 800K
  • Available with 3D magnetic field control to 0.6T or suppression
  • Available with humidity monitoring and control

  • ASM-200

  • Wafer Size

    Up to 200mm

  • Sample Geometry

    Thin films and 3D structures

  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement

    0.01K precision
    Adjustable emissivity
    150ms sampling interval

  • Infrared Heating

    Up to 5000 W/m2

  • Temperature Operating Range


  • Software Control

    LabView-based, Windows-compatible

  • Output

    Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Resistivity/IV-Curve