MicroXact Micropositioners

Available with any of MicroXact’s probe stations are a wide range of micropositioners designed to make precision positioning and alignment of probe tips easy and reliable.

MicroXact Thermal Testing
Thermal Testing

For applications where temperature is critical for accurate measurements, we offer several thermal chuck systems.

MicroXact Wafer Chucks
Wafer Chucks

Chuck wafer testing accessories are customized for each probe station. Standard sizes range from 100mm to 300mm.

MicroXact Microscope

Most of our systems come standard with a high-magnification stereo zoom microscope, however several other options are available.

MicroXact Illumination Sources and Shutter Systems
Illumination Sources and Shutter Systems

MicroXact can supply a wide range of microscope illuminators for a variety of different applications and budgets. We also manufacture a computer-controlled shutter system for photosensitive measurements, which easily integrate with any probe station.

MicroXact DC probe arms and tips
DC Probe Arms & Tips

MicroXact offers a wide variety of DC probe arms and tips designed to handle most DC probing applications.

MicroXact Ultrasonic Cutter
Ultrasonic Cutter

Our ultrasonic cutter offers a cost-effective solution for contact trimming.

MicroXact RF Probes
RF Probes

We have many options for high-speed RF measurements. RF probes customized to your exact needs are available for frequencies up to 110GHz.

MicroXact microscope camera

All microscopes include a viewport for cameras. We offer compatible scope-mount digital cameras ranging from 1 megapixel to 10 megapixels. Included with the camera is software for image and video capture as well as dimension measurement capability.

MicroXact shielding systems

We offer shielding systems compatible with all MicroXact standard probe stations (SPS models). The shielding systems are designed to protect the sample or wafer from EMI and RFI during testing.

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