Thermal Chuck

Thermal Chuck Features

  • Precision Temperature Control from -180 °C to 600 °C
  • Low surface temperature gradients
  • Independent vacuum channels for small or large wafer sizes
  • Thin design for easy probe integration
  • Lift pin access holes available
  • Triaxial option available for very low leakage/ noise measurements
  • Electrically floating chuck surface with ground points
  • Controlled fast heating and cooling rate
  • Options for on chuck and off chuck independent vacuum channel control available
  • Wafer size from 12 mm to 304 mm

Thermal Chuck Specifications

  • Temperature Resolution

    Available options: 0.1°C, 0.01°C, and 0.001°C

  • Temperature Stability

    Available options +/-1°C, +/-0.1°C

  • Temperature Control Method

    Switching PID (PID with Linear Variable DC

  • Temperature Control Sensor

    100 Ω Platinum RTD or thermocouple

  • Surface Flatness

    10 µm at ambient temperature

  • Temperature Uniformity

    ±0.1°C per cm for up to 200°C chucks